living by technology but day dreaming in art

Hi there! You're obviously here to learn a little more about me. Well, I live in Northern California and work in tech. With my free time I'm either sketching or exploring watercolors. It's been quite jump start back into the arts thanks to 2020. For all the unfortunate things that happened then, there were some highlights. That of course, involved my personal life as well as giving me time to draw and pant.

As for a little more background...

I was into the arts from high school and into college, University of Maryland at College Park. My mind was all about the creative. I loved it but due to life's challenges I graduated with a Computer Science degree, three courses shy of finishing my Fine Arts degree. Go figure. The internet was taking off and that was a life changer for just about everyone. So I found myself riding the wave, utilizing some of my arts background to freelance as a web developer before graduation then a software engineer at a startup afterwards. Fast forwards twenty years later, I'm still in tech with a huge thirst for doing something creative. Hence, these sites (along with a plethora of hidden creative writing blogs) are my outlets. For now, at least.

Thanks for visiting!