Hello there,
you guessed it, I am
Khanh Nguyen
and I work in tech, engineering ops

My journey started as a software engineer, graduating from University of Maryland at College Park, building products for the web. Back then we were all full stack developers working on both front and backend technology. Since 2010, I transitioned to management to create a culture around operations. Currently, I am leadings site reliability at Sentry, a company fusing both my love of engineering tools along with the pursuit of availability. Stay for a while, I (will) have a story or two for you.

> engineering

I worked in Maryland and D.C. after graduating from college. In 2003 I took a year off staying in Hong Kong to travel most of Asia before returning to the U.S. From that point I began my life in California. Here's a look at the opportunities I had (have) in my career.

> art

Did you know I went to school as a fine arts student, but then ended up graduating in computer science? Well, now you know.